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Jiangyou mingrui reflective material co., LTD., established in science and technology2002Years,Located in the hometown of li bai、Historical and cultural city—Jiangyou, sichuan province。Is specialized is engaged in the high refractive index glass beads、Super fine pearl as well as the development of special powder materials such as silica microspheres、Production and development of high-tech enterprises。 The company is located in sichuan province provincial industrial development zone——Jiangyou making-friends road industrial development zone,Jiangyou city key enterprises。

Company for domestic famous one of high refractive index glass beads manufacturer,With advanced high-tech powder material production technology and advanced production equipment,Company after10Years of development,Already have6The production line,Annual output of high refractive index glass beads and so on all kinds of powder materials6800Tons,Can be widely used in traffic、Chemical industry、Electrons、Security and special clothing and other industries。

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Address:Jiangyou city industrial development zone making-friends west road
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The phone: 0816-3366199 0816-3362126 13550836220
Fax: 0816-3366199

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Contact phone number: 0816-3366199 0816-3362126 13550836220 Fax: 0816-3366199 The mailbox:

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