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   Commercial clipper blades
  · 40-2Type
  · 26-16Type
  · 52Type
  · 39-1Type
  · 36Type
  · 93Type
  · 82Type
   Household hair cutter blade
  · 142Type
  · 143Type
  · 145Type
  · 115-3Type
  · 115-2Type
  · 118-8Type
  · 1035Type
   Repair the temples to the blade
  · 275Type
  · 2001Type
  · 228Type
  · 226Type
  · 327Type
  · 320Type
  · 321Type
   Nose hair knife
  · 818Type
  · 838Type
  · 828Type
  · 858Type
   Circular knife
  · 540Type
  · 563Type
  · 565Type
  · 552Type
  · 534Type
   The technical specifications
  · Product applications
  · Product parameters

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Razor is indispensable to many men in your life clean utensils。Razor with for a long time,The blade is very easy...



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Haining jing da hardware electric appliance co., LTD is located in the Yangtze river delta economic zone,East of Shanghai,Hangzhou is in the west,...


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