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Taizhou gen YingMo has limited company was founded in2011Years6Month,Is located in“The countryside of China mold and die”-Zhejiang taizhou huangyan,Is a professional company、Focus on design and manufacture of precision auto lamp mould of private enterprises。The company has experienced senior technical personnel,Can communicate directly with customers at home and abroad for technical and business。Professional by high precision auto lights and car inside and outside decoration mold manufacturing。The company has hadISO9000-2008Quality system certification,With Japan、 Italy and other high precision mold manufacturing equipment,Adopted PRO/E,UG,MASTERCAM,MOLD FLOWAdvanced software such as computer aided design and manufacturing(CAD/CAM/CAE)。We have complete mould design、Manufacturing and injection molding processing ability。After many years of hard work,And the recognition of the company's manufacturing mold to win customers at home and abroad。The company customers are mainly distributed in Brazil、India、Italy、The British, and large domestic automobile enterprises in China,The main customer is ford、The public、Saic gm wuling automobile co、Giovanni cobolli gigli、The Great Wall and chery makers and overseas market:ARTEB、Marilyn、TRIOMAnd so onAnd the vision:To become the world first-class automobile mold expert!

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The company has the perfect design、Programming、Process、Management network system integration,20The development team composed of a number of professional design personnel,AdoptedPRO/E,UG,MASTERCAM,MOLDFLOW Advanced software such as computer aided design and manufacturing(CAD/CAM/CAE )。UseMoldflow/MPI Injection molding process simulation analysis software,Including the filling、The holding、Cooling、Gas complement、The analysis of the warping deformation, etc。
The company pays attention to new technology、New product research and development work,And customer common development of new technology、The ability for the new product,Can send technical engineer when the customer needs to provide on-site technical support to customer factory,Provide value service to our customers 。

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The Great Wall、Ford A car、 Giovanni cobolli gigli A car、Qinchuan three lights、 Marilyn in Italy、In BrazilARTEB And so on
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